Reddit: Working with clients – how do you manage project proposal?


I started as business development in a small IT company. We are mainly focused on developing custom software for small-mid-sized companies. What interests me is what is the usual workflow looks like at your companies and more importantly the communication with the client. What are the stages and what software (if any) do you use to better handle it.

At the moment I am responsible for leading the communication with the clients and together with our lead developer preparing project draft. The workflow usually consist of the following stages:

  1. Project draft preparation. In Word document we extensively describe every possible detail of what will be built.
  2. The draft is sent and discussed with the client. Once confirmed, we move to the next stage
  3. Visual draft of the project. Usually it consist of the initial design of the software. Once confirmed, we move to the next stage.
  4. Development
  5. QA
  6. Implementation
  7. Final bug fixes if any

Every single answer will be of great help and immense value to me and I assume to people in similar position.

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