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Dear /r/networking.

The following is not meant as a rant(Errr, meant as not a rant), nor proclaiming the doom of our industry. Rather, some thoughts from almost 20 years in "Networking".

Lately, I've realised that my work is maybe 5% technical, and 95% non-technical. I'm pretty sure I've gotten to a point where it literally does not matter what I do, since the work is almost entirely based around the short comings of people.

I mean, I LOVE networking, however to do networking, I need to fix processes, procedure, hiring strategies, ego, attitude, poor communication.

While I do enjoy my new job, I can see that the largest challenges are caused by shortcomings of people. Lack of planning, not understanding graph theory, not filtering ego in favour of data.

It's got me wondering the "Why" about networking. Why bother if all I'll ever do is clean up after failed hires, failed process, incorrect and incomplete data.

So, guys(*), how do you approach absolute correctness vs relative correctness when your cycle is 4 years to correct assumptions in the past.

(*) A "royal" guys, inclusive of all people.

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