Liked on YouTube: Voting Machine Hacking Village DEF CON 25

Voting Machine Hacking Village DEF CON 25
A newer version of this video with on screen text and updated commentary is here. We recommend you watch that version.

DEF CON 25 – One of the world’s largest and best-known hacker conventions – debuted an interactive “Voting Machine Hacker Village” this year at its annual gathering in Las Vegas. In some cases within minutes – and in other cases within a few hours of the village doors opening – hackers in attendance said they had successfully found major vulnerabilities or claimed to have breached every voting machine and system present. Members of the DEF CON hacking community said they took complete control of an epoll book – a type of election equipment in use in dozens of states. Other targets that hackers claim had major security flaws include the Sequoia AVC Edge, currently in use in 13 states and the AccuVote TSX currently in use in 19 states, Those machine usages according to Verified Voting.

The organizers of Voting Village emphasized that, in the past, corporations had resisted acknowledging their security flaws. But after laws were passed requiring businesses to acknowledge security breaches, there was a significant change in corporate security culture. DEF CON participants expressed the conviction that a similar trajectory is necessary for U.S. election officials.

Music is from the DEF CON soundtrack. Track 3

Machine usage according to Verified Voting.

Produced, shot and edited by Lulu Friesdat

© 2017

Lulu Friesdat is an Emmy award-winning journalist whose many news assignments include producing election coverage for MSNBC and editing with the CBS Evening News and Good Morning America. She received a Best Documentary award for directing her first feature-length documentary, Holler Back: [not] Voting in an American Town.

Follow her on twitter @LuluFriesdat.


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